First Published: July 7th, 2022

Updaged: May 13th, 2022

Cypto Client

A Message/Text Encryptor Tool, and Notetaking tool

I use this tool routinely to encrypt passwords, messages, and other pieces of information that I don’t need anyone to know about.

I’m sharing it here since the tool is useful, simple, and might spark some interest in computer science and cryptography. It is not a complex piece of software.

It would not be hard at all to rebuild this tool yourself. I encourage rebuilding it. It simply makes use of the CryptoJS library. It’s been a while since I looked at the original source, but it appears you could use this repository to get started

Many apps currently use message encryption, so this tool is not unusual. Please use it for good purposes, and of course, I’m not responsible in any way for misuse.

Update: This tool may be used for creating notes on your mobile phone or device to get off of a reliance of using note taking software that stores your information, and uses it for other purposes, or stores it in the cloud, potentially without any benefit to you.

You can create additional tabs of this page to have more notes. These notes are not submitted to my server or stored in any way as can be easily confirmed by reading the implementation of this code which is all on your machine (i.e. there is no code running on my server that can see your writing, or the code running in the browser, which is also safe).

To create new tab or window: NEW TAB

Creating a new tab on your machine may require using the command button or control, with click. Confirm on your OS how to open new tabs.

If you delete any tab, or close your browser, it is not persisted currently. I may enable cookies in the near future to store the materials, but again, they would only reside on your machine.


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